We start our journey with one of the most vibrant cultural heritage locations in the world: Romania. We drove over the Transfăgărășan Highway, a 150 kilometres stretch of road on the Carpathian mountains, considered by many as one of the best driving roads in the world. Romania also has a lot more to offer from castles, the Danube delta, to the gratifying bowls ciorba you can find at any local eatery serving delicious Romanian food.


Beautiful curves

What better way to kick-off our journey than the Transfagarasan highway, a 150-kilometre stretch of stunning roads carved through the breath taking Carpathian mountains. You might have heard of it when Jeremy Clarkson came here in 2009 and declared it to be the best road in the world. The picturesque road ambitiously climbs over the peaks, first copying a river, then just dipping and curving through the valley creating some truly wild and beautiful hairpins and serpentines.

A recipe for success

A recipe for success: Radu Ionescu comes from a good background, studied and lived in England and had every opportunity. But instead of discovering the world, he decided to invite the world to discover Romania. As a proud cook and Romanian, he now shows the world what
his county has to offer culinarily.

green nature of Romania

The next step of our journey was an enchanting experience at the Danube Delta. The second largest delta in Europe is a wildlife paradise. Travelers can spend several days exploring its passages, teaming with the highest concentration of bird colonies in all of Europe. The quiet, electric Taycan explores the maze of greenery and water that’s a breeding ground for countless species of birds, some of them from as far away as China and Africa.

761 horses slowed down by a few sheep

This is what happens when 761 electric horses comes face to face with some of the largest herds of sheep in rural Romania. Romania is place where past and future meet. A place that’s fast growing and advancing and yet is immersed in the old agricultural ways with the farmers and shepherds of the country forming its very soul.

and emissions

Taycan Turbo S
0 g/km
28.5 kWh/100 km

Co2-Emissions (g/km): 0
Power consumption (kWh/100 km): 28.5

*Data determined in accordance with the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) as required by law. You can find more information on WLTP at For Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) range and Equivalent All Electric Range (EAER) figures are determined with the battery fully charged, using a combination of both battery power and fuel. 

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