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RED 58

Where is the Red 58?

One day the film-maker Andrzej called his petrolhead friend Wojciech and asked a simple yet mystifying question: What happened to the 911 rally car from 1968 after Zasada finished the race? Both friends were eager to find out and create a documentary about their treasure hunt.

Searching for traces in Down Under.

The two friends flew to Australia with a clear goal: find the sports car. To do so, they started their mission on the old rally routes across the Australian continent in their bespoke 911 model with the iconic #58 on its side. They seeked out the right people. A chain of contacts evolved that finally led them to their object of desire: the Red 58.

Undoubtedly the missing rally car.

Since the Red 58 was the only of the 3 starting rally cars from 1968 with an unclear history after the London-Sidney rally, the duo was first sceptical if they found the real car. Since the 911 in the container was converted into a street-legal car and had the iconic Fuchs wheels fitted – instead of the heavier steel wheels for rally.

Matching number don’t lie.

The happy end of the story was actual one of the first steps. In order to gain as many information about the Red 58 Wojciech and Andrzej went to Stuttgart to the Porsche Archives and when they saw the right numbers on the car parts months later in Australia they knew: they found it.

Let the restauration begin.

More than 50 years after the arduous journey from London to Sidney the 911 rally car is now ready for restauration. For Wojciech and Andrzej it’s some sort of resurrection of a childhood icon they only knew from books and photographs. After all those years the two friends are probably the first Poles to see the heroic Porsche in which Sobiesław Zasada and Marek Wachowski drove the world’s greatest rally.