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Car Lover

Vural has owned a yellow 918 Spyder, 22 white GT3s and an impressive collection of more than 100 beautiful cars. He is in the agriculture business too, so collects and restores vintage tractors.

F1 back to Turkey

Vural Ak is an active patron of Formula 1 racing around the world. He took over the operations of the famous Istanbul Park circuit for an estimated $125 Million and wants to get F1 back to Turkey soon.

car leasing company
in Turkey

He has been bankrupted three times because of financial crises hitting the country but he built his company up again and now runs the largest car leasing company in Turkey. His leasing business, Intercity, boasts of some impressive stats like one out of every four vehicles leased in Turkey is from Intercity.

34 meter Azimut superyacht

Luxury cars are not the only mode of transport Vural owns. He has a 34 meter Azimut superyacht that travels up to a maximum a speed of 34knots.